Training Success Spotlight: Register and Gain the Professional Development Advantage

The N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center (Center) offers online and in-person educational workshops on the technical and financial side of clean energy. It is a logical extension of the Center’s expertise in the clean energy industry. The courses range from short, certificate classes such as the Certificate in Renewable Energy Management to the longer in-depth Renewable Energy Technologies Diploma Series. The Center also works with companies directly to create training programs for their specific needs.

The Center has developed the training schedule for 2021 and the courses cover topics such as solar PV and solar storage. The entire schedule for the 2021 calendar year is now available here. But what does someone get out of a training class and why would he or she sign up? Let’s profile one of the Center’s training graduates.

Jason Marshall has taken many of the Center’s training courses – from the renewable energy diploma series, a short course in solar and storage, and introduction and advanced PV solar. Jason currently works as a Field Applications Engineer at Array Technologies, a global solar tracking company.  He has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and has worked at both GE Energy and EthosEnergy prior to joining Array Technologies.

Jason Marshall

While working in the gas turbine industry, Jason made a decision to move back into the renewable energy field after several years away. He took a job at Array Technologies supporting the sales and business development team with tracking systems for solar facilities. These tracking systems rotate solar panels from east to west to optimize the energy from sunlight.

Shortly after taking his new position, Jason enrolled in the Center’s Renewable Energy Diploma Series which provided him “an understanding of the fundamentals of solar PV, the project development process for a large solar project, and the engineering modules, inverters, and battery storage of a large system.”

Jason notes that the training has still paid off to this day; while his customers contact him about solar tracking systems, that is just one part of a utility scale solar project.  Understanding all aspects of a solar energy system has helped him understand how the tracker fits into a larger solar system.

The training program offers knowledge in renewable energy that may be lacking in someone’s background. Jason notes,

“The training was just the right level for the technical and financial aspects for me.  I have a mechanical engineering background, but I am a novice to the financial and electrical aspects that are such important factors in solar.  The course material did a great job of helping me understand the fundamentals of these systems and projects without being overwhelming.  I would highly recommend these classes to someone coming into the solar industry from other professions to help get their bearings and ease the transition.”

Other graduates of the Center’s training programs have had similar reactions. If you are looking to learn more about the renewable energy industry and are hesitating, now is your chance to sign up and gain that professional development advantage.