100 Best Fleets in the Americas 2020 Announcement (April 2020)

With NAFA Fleet Management Association‘s Institute & Expo 2020 postponed due to COVID-19, The 100 Best Fleets in the Americas 2020 announcement will take place as originally planned on April 7, 2020. Please join us to celebrate the hard work and accomplishments of the top fleets and their teams. Also, hear and learn best practices from the top award-winning fleet managers that can help improve your operations.

Sustainable Fleet Webinars: Electric Vehicle Charging Best Practices and Lessons Learned (March 2020)

In partnership with the NCDOT, the NC Clean Energy Technology Center is pleased to present a Sustainable Fleet Webinar on Electric Vehicle Charging Best Practices and Lessons learned.

This webinar is in support of Governor Cooper’s Executive Order 80 and the NCDOT ZEV Plan. Information will be presented from experts working across the US regarding lessons learned and best practices regarding public, workplace, multi-unit dwelling and fleet charging equipment deployment. Confirmed presenters include Electrify America and the Columbus Partnership, as well as leading US electrification cites.

Charging infrastructure is considered one of the key components in the growth and adoption of electric vehicles. Successfully achieving such is not going to be trivial. Please join us to learn and discuss best practices in planning and strategic deployment.

With concern about the impact of COVID-19 spreading across the United States and the world, a number of precautions are being undertaken. These are affecting just about every aspect of our day-to-day life. Fleets are not immune to this issue and are facing the challenge of maintaining a level of service despite concerns and restrictions, as well as maintaining the safety of their employees and customers. Please join us for a round table discussion on issues, strategies and protocol on how fleets are planning and responding to this crisis, while safely and responsibly maintaining operations and their expected level of service under challenging circumstances.

The N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center (NCCETC) plans to announce a new round of grant funds through the Clean Fuel Advanced Technology (CFAT) Project in January. The 2020 initiative will offer $1.4 million, focused on reducing transportation-related emissions, and supported with federal Congestion Mitigation Air Quality funding from the N.C. Department of Transportation (DOT). Project proposals will be limited, none higher than $400,000 and none lower than $5,000. The RFP will be announced in January, and applications will be due in mid-March. This will likely be the only solicitation for 2020.

Hear how a leading fleet manager has built solar canopies for EV charging. The concept recently received an $800,000 grant to scale the project. Learn how you can build your own solar charging station, saving at least $40,000 in the process.

In addition, join the discussion to learn about advancements in AI (artificial intelligence) for fleet operations. Fleet operations are undergoing change, and AI is a powerful tool playing a part in the evolution. Our featured AI expert has been involved with the first drone package delivery deployment.

Lastly, hear from another leading fleet manager from the city designated “America’s Smart City”, which has turned a $50 million grant into a $500 million public private partnership effort. He will discuss a simple and powerful tool that has saved his operation $1 million dollars in 5 years. This idea can be implemented in your operation tomorrow.

Learn from the top 3 Green Fleet Award winners for 2019 out of a possible 38,000 public fleets in North America. Join us to get the straight story on the methods and technologies that work for the top Green Fleets. You will learn how the fleets were able to get funding for alternative fuel vehicles as well as the infrastructure to support them. They will also present the ROIs for their projects. These are tools, tips and strategies that you can use in your operation the next day.

Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference Preview (June 2019)
Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference Preview (July 2019)

These webinars preview some of the technologies and speakers that will be featured at the Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference in Durham, NC, August 7-8, 2019, with pre-conference events August 6. Conference session topics include Electric Vehicles; Natural Gas; Propane; Biofuel Solutions; Electrification and the Grid; Telematics; Procurement Solutions; Infrastructure and Intelligent Solutions; Heavy Duty Vehicle Efficiency; Rural Fleet Operations; Idle Reduction; and Recruiting, Retention & Career Development.

Join the NC Clean Energy Technology Center and The 100 Best Fleets of the Americas to learn about school bus electrification options of a re-power solution or a new OEM offering. There are many benefits to electrification, including reduced operating and maintenance costs, cleaner air and more. In addition, with VW Settlement money becoming available across the country, learn how to obtain funds to electrify your school bus fleet. This information will allow you to impact the environment, the health of your school children and your budget.

The winners of the 2019 edition of The 100 Best Fleets in the Americas were announced. See the winners here. Hear what the top three fleets did to distinguish themselves among 38,000 public fleets in North America. Learn their best practices you can use immediately in your own operation. Also, learn about the emerging technologies they use to do more with less. This information is intended for the entire team to listen in.

Did you miss the North Carolina Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Information & Input sessions? The NC Clean Energy Technology Center (NCCETC) and NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT) hosted a free webinar to cover the same information and answer your questions. Governor Roy Cooper has instructed state agencies to make plans to promote clean energy in Executive Order 80. As part of this effort, the NCDOT is creating a statewide plan to promote the use of clean transportation technologies and is looking for your input. You’re invited to join our webinar to learn more and provide feedback.

Telematics is a powerful tool that allows fleets real-time monitoring and information regarding any activity or metric that is important to their business and operations. Applications and benefits include driver safety and behavior, asset management, maintenance, route optimization, security, liability protection, lower costs, and increased efficiency. Hear from industry experts and fleets that have successfully employed this technology regarding its capabilities, applications and benefits! Telematics continues to bring new solutions to help improve fleet operations – learn how it can help yours.

Sustainable Fleet Webinars: Ethanol as Part of Your Fleet’s Fuel Strategy (February 2019)
Hear from industry subject matter experts and fleets that have successfully integrated ethanol into their fleet fueling options, and learn about deployment considerations and best practices. Understand how ethanol can play a role in fuel supply diversification, resiliency and emergency preparedness.

Industry subject matter experts will provide a general overview of ethanol fuel basics, properties and benefits. Several fleets from different vocations will tell their stories regarding their decision to integrate ethanol, their experiences, and lessons learned. There will also be a round table opportunity to have myths dispelled, and questions and concerns answered.

Sustainable Fleet Webinar: How Two Fleets Changed Their Entire Operation with Two Powerful Tools (January 2019)

Hear from one fleet that went from the 99th Best Fleet in North America to number 4 using one, powerful transformative tool. This tool is not for sale – it is free to use in your own operation. Hear from another fleet manager who is saving $1.2 million dollars annually with another tool that you can use, and from two emerging technology providers that are changing the industry.

Sustainable Fleet Webinar: Propane as a Transportation Fuel – Deployment Considerations, Best Practices & Best Applications (January 2019)

Hear from the Propane Education Research Council (PERC), leading propane vehicle suppliers, and fleets that have successfully deployed propane as a transportation fuel. Learn about deployment considerations, best practices and best applications. PERC will provide a general overview of propane as a transportation fuel; and several fleets from different vocations including law enforcement, school bus, paratransit and tow truck/wrecker industry will tell their stories regarding their decision to switch to propane, their experiences, and lesson learned. There will be a round table opportunity to have myths dispelled, and questions and concerns answered with PERC, the fleets and suppliers (ICOM Alternative Fuel Systems, Alliance AutoGas and Roush CleanTech) participating.

CFAT Project: Funding Opportunity Informational Webinar (November 2018)

This Clean Fuel Advanced Transportation (CFAT) grant program informational webinar will present an overview of eligible projects and have Q&A to assist with application submission. For more information about the CFAT project, including the RFP, CFAT FAQs and application, go here.

Sustainable Fleet Webinars: Top Three Green Fleet Award Winners 2018 (October 2018)

Learn from the top three Green Fleets for 2018 out of a possible 38,000 public fleets in North America. You will learn how they were able to get funding for alternative fuel vehicles and the infrastructure to support them, and they will also present the ROIs for their projects. These are tools, tips and strategies that you can use in your operation the next day. Join us to get the straight story on the methods and technologies that work for the top three Green Fleets.

Selling to the Government Roundtable (June 2018)

Hear from experts who have been on both sides of the selling table.

Sustainable Fleet Webinars: Best Practices of the 100 Best Fleets (May 2018)

The winners of the 2018 edition of the 100 Best Fleets will be announced at NAFA I&E on April 27 in Anaheim, CA. Hear from three of these innovative fleets in one powerful presentation. These 100 Best Fleet Managers are experts who can provide valuable insights to use immediately in your own operation.

Sustainable Fleet Webinars: Fleet Trends and Technologies (February 2018)

This Fleet Trends and Technologies webinar will highlight some of the trends and technologies helping fleets be better today.

  • Learn about protecting your equipment, increasing service life, reducing downtime and saving money with oil life analysis. See results achieved by one of most recognized and progressive fleets in the country.
  • Learn about comprehensive recycling programs to achieve Return on Investment, Return on Sustainability and Zero-Waste. Learn how a major national company incorporated a comprehensive recycling program for its fleets in achieving their sustainability goals.
  • Learn about vehicle acquisition and funding solutions and strategies to economically keep your fleet performing at the highest level of service. Learn about the opportunities and how fleets are thinking outside the box.

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