Energy & Sustainability Services Offered by the NC Clean Energy Technology Center

N.C. State University was recently recognized as a top energy university by the American Energy Society, a collective of 60,000 professionals, experts, and crusaders working to solve ​the world’s greatest energy challenges. In a list of the top ten energy universities in 2020, the N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center (NCCETC) along with the FREEDM Systems Center and the Energy Collaborative were recognized as having “ the most accomplished and least recognized program in the country”. On one hand, the recognition  is an honor, but on the other hand, it raises the question, why aren’t the N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center’s offerings more widely known?

In that spirit, the NCCETC seeks to broadly advertise its Energy Sustainability Services (ESS). The NCCETC staff are subject experts in clean energy, transportation, policy, and workforce development and they bring this entire portfolio of knowledge toward client work. Three current ESS example projects illustrate the diversity of the work among both large and small enterprises.

First, the Center is conducting an analysis for a publicly traded transportation company that will  establish a greenhouse gas baseline benchmark. The baseline will compare annual energy intensity within and among the facilities as well as prioritize future projects for implementation based on certain metrics. The team will conduct energy assessments utilizing five years of fuel records and vehicle data, including an evaluation  of alternative  fuels options and different ways to use telematics for increased efficiency.  Finally, the team will  complete two on-site audits using the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standard protocol. The intent of the ASHRAE work is to identify opportunities to incorporate renewable energy as well as waste reduction and energy efficiency improvements. The entire project is expected to be completed by year end.

Heather Brutz, a member of the project team notes why she enjoys the sustainability work, “I like to work with other teams within the NCCETC because it is crucial in understanding the sustainability of a whole organization. We can understand their energy use across buildings and vehicles.”

A second ESS project currently underway is work with two out-of-state real estate companies. The companies want to evaluate the renewable energy and investment potential for properties. The analysis will take into consideration solar photovoltaics as well as the policies and incentives to make the investment or energy project more feasible.

A third and final ESS project is with Common Ground Ecovillage (formerly known as Hart’s Mill), a planned, intentional community and farm in Orange County.  Katy Ansardi, one of the LLC’s Managing Partners, has contracted with the NCCETC to analyze the potential for solar PV and energy storage for a dozen homes in Phase 1. Katy says, ” When it came time to consider how we were going to integrate solar into our community planning, we did not hesitate to reach out to the N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center. They are easy to work with and offer a non biased professional evaluation for a reasonable cost.”

Are you thinking about sustainability projects that require the NCCETC’s expertise? Please fill out this link so the team learns about your organization and the work that you need done. The Center stands ready to assist with all of your sustainability needs.

Learn more through our webinar series

Inspired by the Energy & Sustainability Services, the NC Clean Energy Technology Center is also offering  a free Sustainability Energy Seminar Series. Join Center staff and clean industry experts as they discuss timely concerns that advance a clean energy economy. The first three webinars will cover solar leasing, grid modernization, and bus electrification. More details and registration links are provided below:

Webinar #1: Non Profit- Solar Leasing Opportunities : Don’t Miss Out on Duke Energy’s $75,000 Rebate!

Learn about solar photovoltaic (PV) leasing opportunities in North Carolina from companies who have been approved by the NC Public Utilities Commission as solar lessees and a non-profit that has recently had installed a 267kW PV system on their rooftop through the leasing program. will feature brief presentations with an opportunity to ask questions of all the panelists.

DATE: October 20, 12:30-1:30  REGISTER HERE


  • Ted Spencer, NC Clean Energy Technology Center
  • Ryan McAllister, Secure Futures Solar
  • Scott Alexander Eagle Solar & Light
  • Cotton Bryan, Woods Charter School, Chapel Hill


Webinar #2: 2020 in Review: U.S. Grid Modernization Activity and Trends 

Join us as the NC Clean Energy Technology Center’s policy experts dig into this year’s biggest grid modernization actions and trends from across the country, based on the 50 States of Grid Modernization report series. Speakers will discuss major 2020 actions related to grid modernization, distribution system planning, utility business model reforms, and more, and offer their thoughts on what may be in store for 2021.

DATE:  December 8, 2020 12:30-1:30 REGISTER HERE


Webinar #3: Bus Electrification: New Advances in Electric Transit & School Buses

Learn about recent developments in electrification of transit and school buses. Join us to gain an understanding of advances in battery technology, financing of the buses, and planning considerations when adding electric transit buses or school buses into your fleet.

DATE:   January 21, 2021    12:30-1:30 REGISTER HERE