Empowering Tomorrow’s Clean Energy Leaders: NCCETC’s Solar Training Initiative

The North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center (NCCETC) has been at the forefront of fostering a new generation of clean energy leaders through its innovative Training Program for over 30 years. Recently, NCCETC endeavored on a new partnership with NC State Crowdfunding to directly support the participation of NC State students in the NCCETC training program.  

Between NCCETC’s experience in training as well as its accreditation through the North American Board of Certified Energy Professionals (NABCEP), the Training Program has provided many professionals a strong entry into the Clean Energy industry, and it was time to provide that same opportunity to our NC State Students. Allison Carr, NCCETC’s Training Program Manager, says that  “as we turn to clean energy technology solutions to mitigate the impacts of climate change, there’s an increasing demand for professionals who possess the expertise to design, develop, and implement these solutions.” 

The crowdfunding campaign raised an impressive $2,155 in its inaugural year and enabled three students to complete NCCETC’s Fundamentals of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Design and Installation (FSPV) course.  FSPV strikes a balance between classroom instruction and practical experience, providing participants with hands-on experience installing a residential roof-mounted solar PV system.

By offering students at North Carolina State University access to this program, NCCETC ensures that the next generation of engineers and energy professionals are well-prepared to tackle the challenges of designing and installing solar systems while simultaneously setting them on a path towards successful careers in a high-demand field.

These students, hailing from diverse academic backgrounds including electrical engineering, chemical engineering, and sustainable energy, were carefully selected based on their potential to leverage the training to advance their careers in clean energy. The rigorous selection process ensures that the sponsored students are truly committed to making an impact in the field.

Samantha Shue, one of the scholarship recipients, sought out the scholarship opportunity to strengthen her foundation in the solar energy industry and use the knowledge gained to be able to take the NABCEP PV Associate certification exam, a globally recognized certification that confers a competitive advantage in the clean energy job market. This certification validates the skills and knowledge acquired during the training and  opens doors to a varietyof opportunities within the renewable energy sector.

Furthermore, the team behind NCCETC’s training program seeks to nurture interdisciplinary opportunities for growth. They collaborate with the NC State Student Energy Club and seek out ways to be actively involved in campus activities. By lending expertise and support to student-led initiatives, the Center enriches the academic experience and strengthens its ties with the university community.

The growing clean energy sector presents significant economic opportunities, creating thousands of jobs and stimulating economic growth across various industries. By investing in workforce development and providing training opportunities in clean energy technologies, North Carolina can lead the national clean energy transition and ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for generations.

Looking ahead, NCCETC remains committed to developing the clean energy workforce and supporting industry professionals at every stage of their career journey. With plans to explore more opportunities for student sponsorship and continued collaboration with educational institutions, NCCETC is ready to support the increasing demand for a qualified clean energy workforce.

NCCETC’s training program is laying the groundwork for a brighter, greener tomorrow. To learn more about upcoming courses offered by NCCETC, explore the course information page online.