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Solar in Small Communities: Case Study of Columbia, MO



If you are interested in the policy, technology, and management aspects of renewable energy, the Certificate in Renewable Energy Management is a 40 + hour program that provides a solid foundation. Course modules instruct students on how existing renewable energy technologies work and how current policies and financial options impact project management. Learn how make informed decisions as a manager and businessperson in the renewable energy industry.

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Clean Power, Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Technical Service Offerings

The Clean Power Program at the Center is staffed by experienced engineers, scientists and specialists. Our services include site specific renewable energy assessments, economic feasibility studies and project development support. We also can assist by helping clients to improve energy efficiency of building systems and/or industrial processes or by deploying distributed energy resources (DERs) like battery storage or microgrids.

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NCCETC 2022 Training Workshops

The NC Clean Energy Technology Center provides a range of training opportunities for those within the clean energy industry and those that are working to start. We offer technical, project-based, custom trainings and also various workshops on different topics.

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NCCETC Customized Trainings Flyer 2021

Need a specialized training program for your workplace? Our training team can develop a program tailored to the needs of your company, either through an online portal or live instruction. From course materials to hands-on activities, we ensure that our content will efficiently and effectively train your staff.


Find the Path Towards Your Renewable Energy Technologies Diploma from the NCCETC Training Program

The Renewable Energy Technologies Diploma Series gives the participant a depth and breadth of knowledge needed to be successful in this industry. Earn 120 contact hours, or three 40-hour certificate courses to complete this non-degree program. Continuing education credits for different professionals are available.


Energy & Sustainability Services

The NC Clean Energy Technology Center offers business, industry, government and utilities a suite of services aimed at optimizing sustainability and energy-related objectives.

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Institutional and Policy Landscape for Solar-Plus-Storage Deployment by Electric Cooperatives

One of the first steps in planning and procurement for local utility storage or solar-plus-storage is to check for contractual and policy barriers that could affect the proposed acquisition. Incentives and new opportunities may also be unearthed. To support this early-stage effort, the SPECs project produced a white paper, which examines three levels of policy as they apply to the co-op sector and to local co-ops in particular. These include 1) state and local policies, 2) federal policies and related regional policies, and 3) policies and conventions that stem from institutions in the co-op sector, especially the relationships and agreements between local co-ops and their wholesale generating and transmission (G&T) suppliers. The objective of this paper is to identify and discuss the various policy and institutional factors that are relevant to the electric cooperative sector, and especially to local, distribution-level electric cooperatives (co-ops) that may be interested in procuring energy storage.

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NCCETC Programs & Services Overview

Learn more about what services and programs the NC Clean Energy Technology Center offers.


NCCETC Annual Report 2020-21

NCCETC's July 2020 - June 2021 Annual Report featuring major projects and program highlights.


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Enhance your skills or begin a career change with one of our training classes!  The Center offers several training opportunities for professional development and the highest level of continuing education in renewable energy technologies.  Get started today. 

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