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Plug and Play PV System Overview
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Solar Powering Your Community Workshop on 8/19. Registration open!

On Wednesday August 19th from 10a.m.-3p.m., the N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center will be hosting a free workshop entitled “Solar […]

Historic Wind Farm Coming To Northeastern NC

Locals around here call the flatlands west of Elizabeth City “The Desert.” What was once a swamp was drained by […]

NC Clean Energy Technology Center and Koolbridge Solar Partner On New Solar Technology

The North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center (NCCETC) at North Carolina State University has signed a Five Year Memorandum of […]

Here comes the sun

  SANFORD — Amidst talk of Duke Energy relocating coal ash to Sanford, causing significant environmental concern among residents, two […]

Big Tech May Determine Fate Of Renewable Energy In NC

  Google, Facebook and other tech companies want more of the electricity they buy from Duke Energy to come from […]

Obama pushes energy efficiency, rural solar power

  The Obama administration unveiled a slew of actions Thursday aimed at improving energy efficiency and increasing the use of […]

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