The U.S. DOE Clean Energy Centers offer new CHP screening qualification tool

The U.S. Department of Energy updated the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) end-user Technical Assistance process for the Clean Energy Application Centers (CEACs) in June 2012. As host to the Southeast CEAC, the N.C. Solar Center delivers CHP end-user services, including an initial Qualification Screening that may be followed by a Feasibility Analysis for proven opportunities. The Qualification Screening is provided at no cost to end-users through a combination of Federal and  State funding, while the Feasibility Analysis requires a 50% cost share from the client. Clients who are interested in conventional or renewable fueled CHP  systems will benefit from the Technical Assistance, which is intended to help in early decision stages at low initial cost.

The new Qualification Screening process is a streamlined process, with an initial conversation and follow-up questionnaire to aid in determination  of whether CHP is an appropriate application for a site. During this stage, client questions on appropriate CHP technologies and how they can meet energy  objectives are discussed. The result of the Qualification Screening is a clear estimate of investment and energy cost savings opportunity, and resulting  simple payback.

If the Qualification Screening results meet expectations, the client may decide to proceed to a more extensive Feasibility Analysis. This more detailed process involves a site visit to review existing infrastructure, CHP integration requirements and discuss objectives for the project. With this service the SE-CEAC will analyze baseline energy consumption, recommend a best-fit technology and size for the CHP system, and complete an analysis of energy, economic, emissions and fuel price sensitivity for the project. Based the Feasibility Analysis, the client may decide to work with an engineering firm or project developer to procure the project after more detailed design and investment analysis.

If your organization is interested in a CHP project Qualification Screening for your facility please contact Kevin Witchger at 919-513-4244 or

The Southeast Clean Energy Application Center (SE-CEAC) is part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office. The SE-CEAC supports the transformation of the market for CHP through services that include Market Assessments to analyze CHP market potential in industrial and commercial, Education and Outreach to provide information on the benefits and applications of CHP, and Technical Assistance to energy end-users and others to help them consider if CHP, waste heat recovery or district energy makes sense for them. Click here
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