Solar Center staff support Southeast states teams in NGA Policy Academy


In March, staff from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Southeast Clean Energy Application Center (SE-CEAC), based at the N.C. Solar Center, participated in the second convening meeting for the National Governors Association’s Policy Academy on Enhancing Industry through Energy Efficiency and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The Policy Academy provides a forum for select states to focus on identifying cost-effective strategies; designing new policies, programs and measures; structuring effective funding and financing options; and exploring innovative outreach, education and training approaches.   At the convening meeting the five participating state teams from Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa and Tennessee shared developments since the project began in the fall of 2012.

At the conclusion of the Policy Academy in April 2013, each team will have developed an action plan for their state.   To support this goal, senior-level policy advisors and business leaders from other states presented in Philadelphia on their experiences with clean energy portfolio standards, interconnection policies, statewide public benefits programs and utility energy efficiency programs.  The SE-CEAC served  as expert faculty for the Policy Academy teams from Alabama, Arkansas and Tennessee, providing information on the application of the above policies and other programs, and will continue to support the states during the implementation of their action plans.  As part of their action plans, these three states propose to hold a Governor’s Summit on Industrial Energy Efficiency and CHP.

The SE-CEAC, in collaboration with seven other regional CEACs, works to promote and assists in transforming the market for combined heat and power, waste heat recovery, and district energy technologies and concepts.