Solar Thermal Testing


Solar Thermal Testing Facility

The N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center has over 15 years of experience testing solar collectors and systems. The Center’s engineers have provided performance testing to designers, manufacturers, and distributors of large scale concentrating solar thermal systems, low cost solar air heaters, concentrating PV systems, traditional PV modules, flat plate solar thermal collectors, and evacuated tube solar thermal collectors.


    • Qualification Tests (ISO 9806 & SRCC Standard 100)*
    • Glazed Liquid-heating Collector Efficiency and IAM (ISO 9806 & SRCC Standard 100)*
    • Qualification Tests (SRCC Standard 100)
    • Glazed Liquid-heating Collector Efficiency and IAM (SRCC Standard 100)

*See A2LA scope of accreditation (#3499.01) for details


Why is it important?

  • Protects consumers by serving as a national standardized method to compare solar equipment.
  • Assists solar thermal system designers by providing accurate & dependable ratings of performance.
  • Assists policy and planning at the government level by providing a means to manage the quality of an incentive program as well as the basis for setting codes and standards.
  • A dependable measure of quality and function makes the solar thermal industry stronger, by providing an unbiased evaluation of a collector’s quality and performance.


How is certification obtained?


What is the testing like?

  • Testing is a combination of quality and performance tests specified by SRCC Standard 100, which is largely based on ISO 9806 test standards.


Tests Include:

  1. Static Pressure Test
  2. Thirty-Day Exposure Test
  3. Thermal Shock/Water Spray Test
  4. Thermal Shock/Cold Fill Test
  5. Static Pressure Test
  6. Collector Time Constant Determination Test
  7. Post-Exposure Thermal Performance Test
  8. Incident Angle Modifier Test


More information regarding the definitions and methods of testing is available in SRCC Standard 100 on the SRCC website.


Main Contact:

Tommy Cleveland, PE