Renewable Energy Assessments

The N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center offers assessments of potential renewable energy applications for government, commercial, industrial and institutional sites in the state of North Carolina. The Center’s Renewable Energy Assessments focus on practical ways companies and other organizations can incorporate renewable energy into their facilities and existing energy systems.

The assessment includes a  trip to the project site to inspect the site and collect technical and operational information needed for developing the feasibility study and making appropriate recommendations.  The focus of this visit is on identifying potential application options, examining possible installation locations and electrical interconnections, examining energy loads, and collecting field data regarding the operation’s facilities and operations.


Potential Renewable Energy options are identified and may include the following:

  • Photovoltaics
  • Solar Hot Water
  • Solar Transpired Wall
  • Daylighting
  • Small Wind
  • Small Hydroelectric


A report will be prepared detailing the findings of the site assessment.  The report will present an assessment of the potential for implementing Renewable Energy technologies, and will include an introduction to the technologies that are deemed to have potential for success at the facility.  Each technology will be analyzed for its economic feasibility.  Additionally, recommendations for system sizing and implementation will be made.  The report will also include information regarding financial incentives which may be available.

Basic Renewable Energy assessments are performed for a fee of about $1,500 per site (depending on location within the state), which covers the full cost of the assessment.  More detailed assessments or assessments involving more than one building may require an increased fee. Prior to this fiscal year these assessments were subsidized by appropriations from the State of North Carolina, but this funding is no longer available.


Interested in scheduling a renewable energy assessment?


Contact  Tommy Cleveland or complete the Renewable Energy Site Assessment Request Form