Industrial Energy Efficiency Assessments

The N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center, through its part in the Southeastern Center for Industrial Energy Intensity Reduction, offers energy efficiency assessments to industrial facilities throughout the southeastern United States.  These assessments focus on the U.S. DOE’s Industrial Technologies Program crosscutting technology areas:

  • Compressed air systems
  • Fan systems
  • Motor systems
  • Process heating
  • Pumping systems
  • Steam systems


Save Energy Now Energy Saving Assessments

For industrial facilities with greater than one-half trillion BTUs of energy consumption per year, funded Save Energy ESAs for one or more of the crosscutting areas may be available.  Through one of these assessments, your site staff will be trained in a live onsite session designed around finding and identifying the most cost effective energy saving opportunities for your plant.

Custom Assessments

Small- and medium-size facilities with less than 500 employees and gross annual sales below $100 million may be interested in Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) energy and waste audits.  For facilities between these ranges with energy reduction opportunities in the crosscutting areas, custom assessments are available on a limited basis.


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