The N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center offers an array of technical assistance and service options for state and local government officials trying to identify energy efficiency and renewable energy investment opportunities in their community.

The staff at the Center works with a wide variety of partners to coordinate support to citizens, businesses and government agencies from:

  • making energy improvements to existing facilities
  • designing “greener” facilities and fleets
  • testing an array of solar technologies
  • financial modeling


Whether your agency is interested in improving energy efficiency in buildings, utilizing renewable energy technologies like solar, wind or bioenergy, the N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center can help. Services include:


Energy Assessments

The Center offers energy assessment services to assist business and industry clients in making the best possible investment choices from energy technologies on the market today.


Solar Testing

The Center’s engineers have provided performance testing to designers, manufacturers, and distributors of large scale concentrating solar thermal systems, low cost solar air heaters, concentrating PV systems, traditional PV modules, flat plate solar thermal collectors, and evacuated tube solar thermal collectors.