NCSU Solar House

NCSU Solar House

The NCSU Solar House was built in 1981


NCSU Solar House Transitions to

The Engineering Place at NC State


The Solar House will be entering a period of transition to become an even stronger source for STEM outreach in our state. Starting March 1, The Engineering Place will be taking over scheduling tours and other day-to-day details. The house will be closed for drop by visits for a while, so it can be fitted with new exciting updates.

There will still be limited opportunities for tours and visits, however. Contact Dr. Laura Bottomley at for more information .  Please keep up-to-date with changes and to see what is in store for the new NCSU Solar House.   The Engineering Place web site will post updates periodically.


 Note: The House is not open to the public during this time of transition. A tour must be scheduled.


Please call 919-515-3263 or email  to schedule a group tour.