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Novozymes - Success Story

Novozymes believes the country will benefit from an increased use of renewable fuels in our cars and trucks. Novozymes employs 150 scientists globally to research and develop world-leading enzymes for converting biomass to conventional and advanced biofuels.

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Greenleaf Nursery - Success Story

With grant funding support from the North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center’s
(NCCETC) Clean Fuel Advanced Technology Program (CFAT), Greenleaf is making strides to reduce its carbon footprint and tailpipe emissions by converting 11 of its vehicles to a bi-fuel propane system.

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Gaston Country Public Works - Success Story

Gaston County Public Works is focused on reducing fuel costs with propane autogas. As a
result of their initial positive experiences with the low-carbon fuel, the Public Works Department decided to double-down on the use of propane auto gas in their fleet by arranging for additional
vehicle conversions. Gaston County’s first round of vehicle conversions included sixteen existing and new vehicles. Like the majority of fleets, Gaston County opted for a bi-fuel system meaning that their vehicles would be able to switch between gasoline and propane- even while driving.

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Freightliner (Daimler North America) - Success Story

Freightliner is one of the leading producers of clean transportation technology, making strides
both in alternative fuel vehicles and in fuel economy improvements for conventional diesel engines. Using BlueTec Emissions Technology for heavy-duty vehicles and Selective Catalytic Reduction systems on medium-duty vehicles, Freightliner has made great increases in fuel economy over the past several years. Their natural gas and hybrid electric vehicles are produced at their North Carolina facilities and have been a great success both for Freightliner and their customers, who provided part of the impetus for them to make alternative fuel vehicles.

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City of Concord - Success Story

The City of Concord, with support from the NC Clean Energy Technology Center, is furthering its environmental goals by replacing 2 gasoline vehicles with EVs and installing 6 level 2 EV charging stations across the city.

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City of Charlotte Fire Department - Success Story

Charlotte Fire Department is leading the nation in emissions reduction with the installation of 27 auxiliary power units (APUs).

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Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) - Success Story

The Charlotte Area Transit System, better known as CATS, is the largest transit system in
North and South Carolina. In 2013, CATS served 26 million riders with service provided via bus, vanpool, special ADA equipped buses and rail transportation. CATS has purchased 28 hybrid-electric buses for its fleet of 325 buses. The CATS facility where the buses park during off-peak times has a solar canopy.

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Altech Eco - Success Story

Altech Eco is a natural gas vehicle conversion system developer and installer. They promote a cleaner and healthier environment by utilizing their own EPA and CARB certified CNG conversion systems for vehicles. They are a Ford QVM (Qualified Vehicle Modifier) and are able to convert many of the models in the suite of vehicles with CNG prepped engine package that Ford offers.

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Ethanol Fuel for North Carolina - Fact Sheet

Ethanol is a high-octane, naturally oxygenated fuel typically produced by fermenting organic materials such as corn, grains, and sugarcane, as well as crop and forestry waste materials. Ethanol is blended in almost all regular 87 octane gasoline, and E85 (85% ethanol / 15% gasoline) is an alternative fuel for flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs). E15 (15% ethanol / 85% gasoline) was approved by the EPA in 2012 and is now also available in numerous stations in North Carolina and across the country.

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