Offshore Wind Energy Advancing in North Carolina

Federal Agency Announces Call for Information and Nominations


RALEIGH, N.C. – The N.C. Solar Center is pleased that the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) has released the Call for Information and Nominations for potential offshore wind leasing areas offshore from North Carolina.  As a member of BOEM’s North Carolina Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Task Force, the N.C. Solar Center has been involved in advancing these efforts over the last two years.

“The benefits to North Carolina from offshore wind development and the associated economic development from the industry’s supply chain are tremendous,” said Jen Banks, Wind Energy Project Coordinator at the N.C. Solar Center.

With 195 whole and 60 partial lease blocks, North Carolina has the largest Call Area released to date under the Department of the Interior’s Smart from the Start program.  BOEM also announced a Notice of Intent (NOI) for an Environmental Assessment covering these areas, which will provide valuable information for refining the areas to eventually be offered for commercial leasing.

Many coastal communities recognize the potential from such projects.  Vann Rogerson, President and CEO of North Carolina’s Northeast Commission, states “renewable energy developments are a great opportunity for the rural regions of the state – and we are very excited about the opportunities surrounding offshore wind.”

The public comment period for the Call and the NOI will be open for 45 days.  During this time, the Solar Center will host informational sessions on the basics of offshore wind preceding each BOEM public information meeting at the coast.  We will provide all details on these events once the dates are set.

Click here for the full BOEM press release.


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