North Carolina State University is getting Charged Up!

Ribbon-cutting and reception for additional electric vehicle charging stations on campus


WHO:    The N.C. Solar Center and N.C. State University are hosting two consecutive ribbon cuttings to celebrate four new electric vehicle charging stations.


WHAT:   Attendees will hear from an array of speakers associated with both the charging stations at the McKimmon Center and also at the E. Carroll Joyner Visitor Center during the ribbon-cutting ceremonies.


WHEN:    Thursday, April 19, 2012

10:00 am – McKimmon Center parking lot (1201 Gorman St, Raleigh), across from the NCSU Solar House (speakers: Mike Waters with Progress Energy, Steve Kalland with N.C. Solar Center, and Chris Brown with NCSU Research Development invited).

The two Level 2 Eaton charging stations and installation were provided by Progress Energy as part of a grant the company received from the Department of Energy. A diverse group of University representatives worked with Progress Energy to select an appropriate campus location for the stations, which went active in February 2012.

10:30 am – E. Carroll Joyner Visitor Center (1210 Varsity Dr, Raleigh), around the corner from the McKimmon Center (speakers: Anne Tazewell with the N.C. Solar Center, Dr. V. William DeLuca with NCSU).

The Clipper Creek combination Level I / Level II charging stations were made possible by the N.C. Solar Center’s Clean Fuels Advanced Technologies (a grant program funded by the NC Department of Transportation), along with the NCSU College of Education Department of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education, and the Joyner Visitor Center.  The same program funded the conversion of a seven passenger minivan from conventional/gas to all-electric to be used for campus visitations.  The EVSE and converted van are part of continuing educational outreach activities for K-12.


WHERE:  Jane S. McKimmon Center/NCSU Solar House and NCSU’s Joyner Visitor Center. This event is running in conjunction with the State Energy Office’s annual Sustainable Energy Conference, being held at the McKimmon Center on N.C. State’s campus on April 19-20, so allow extra time for parking.


WHY:    Successful entry of electric vehicles into the US market represents a tremendous step forward in breaking the monopoly on petroleum in the transportation sector. As EV sales in North Carolina grow, there is great value in projecting an “EV-friendly” image to residents, consumers, business-owners, and related industry representatives. Public charging stations at places like North Carolina State University not only represent a very real resource to faculty, staff, students, and campus visitors, they also signify the NCSU commitment to creating a sustainable future.


  • Mike Waters, Progress Energy
  • Steve Kalland, N.C. Solar Center
  • Chris Brown, NCSU Research Development
  • Anne Tazewell, N.C. Solar Center
  • Dr. V. William DeLuca, NCSU College of Education



About the North Carolina Solar Center

Created in 1988, the North Carolina Solar Center, as part of the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University (NCSU), works closely with state and local government and the renewable energy industry. It manages and maintains the NCSU Solar House and serves as a resource for innovative, green energy technologies through research and demonstration, technical assistance, education, outreach and training. It also administers the Database of Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE), a resource providing financial incentives and policies. For more information about the N.C. Solar Center visit:  Twitter: @NCSolarCenter


About the E. Carroll Joyner Visitor Center

The E. Carroll Joyner Visitor Center is part of the division of Enrollment Management and Services at North Carolina State University.  The visitor center serves as a gateway to the University serving more than 25,000 guests annually focusing on prospective undergraduate students and their families.  Campus visits including admissions information sessions and campus tours are offered daily, and special events for prospective students and admitted students are offered throughout the academic year. Additionally, the visitor center supports University initiatives such as collaborating with the College of Education in providing educational outreach on electric vehicles and efficient forms of transportation for K-12.


 Contact:  Shannon Helm, N.C. Solar Center, 919-423-8320,