North Carolina Solar Center Announces “Solarize Raleigh” Project


Raleigh, N.C. – Following its endorsement by the Raleigh City Council, the North Carolina Solar Center at N.C. State University, is pleased to announce that it has received approval from the U.S. Department of Energy to develop and execute “Solarize Raleigh,” a solar group purchase program for the City of Raleigh.

The N.C. Solar Center has received funding for Solarize Raleigh through its ongoing efforts as a partner in the Department of Energy’s SunShot Solar Outreach Partnership (SolarOPs), a 5-year, $10 million research and outreach grant spread across nearly a dozen partner organizations that began in 2010. Solarize programs, which have been successful in Boston, Portland and Asheville, help residents to “go solar” by tapping into volume discounts associated with purchasing solar as a member of a large group.

“Solar group purchasing programs make solar energy more affordable for everyone without any additional government or utility incentives beyond what already exists today,” said Steve Kalland, executive director of the N.C. Solar Center. “These programs are a clear win-win for cities in North Carolina and around the country, and we applaud the City of Raleigh for continuing its strong tradition of leadership in municipal sustainability by entering into this partnership.”

In the weeks and months to come, the N.C. Solar Center will select a solar PV installation company that can offer volume discounts on solar, and collaborate with the City of Raleigh and other key partners in marketing the program to Raleigh citizens. The Center will also host the website for Solarize Raleigh, which will be available before the end of 2013.

For more information about the program or about participation in the program as an installer or a customer, please contact Jim Kennerly of the N.C. Solar Center ( or Robert Hinson of the City of Raleigh (

For more information about the Department of Energy’s SunShot Solar Outreach Partnership, please visit


About the North Carolina Solar Center

The North Carolina Solar Center, as part of the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University advances a sustainable energy economy by educating, demonstrating and providing support for clean energy technologies, practices, and policies. It serves as a resource for innovative, green energy technologies through technology demonstration, technical assistance, outreach and training. For more information about the N.C. Solar Center visit:  Twitter: @NCSolarCenter


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