NC State to offer free screening of energy documentary “Switch” – April 8th


The North Carolina State University Energy Council and Arcos Films will hold a FREE screening of Switch, a new award-winning documentary that moves past the politics to deliver the straight answers on energy on:


Monday, 4/8 – 7:00pm

North Carolina State University

Witherspoon Student Cinema


Is fracking polluting our water? How dangerous is nuclear? Will gasoline prices continue to rise? Can we clean up coal? Can renewables really power our future?

Switch delivers straight answers to today’s most controversial energy questions, as energy visionary Dr. Scott Tinker travels the world, exploring leading energy sites, from coal to solar, oil to biofuels, most of them highly restricted and never before seen on film. He seeks the truth from international leaders of government, industry and academia, then cuts through the confusion to discover a path to our energy future as surprising as it is practical.

“The Energy Council is pleased to present a showing of the movie, SWITCH,” said Dr. Bill Winner, chair of the university’s Energy Council, responsible for advocating for NC State’s diverse energy initiatives. “The movie, and our campus energy experts, explain the need for “Switching” to new and more sustainable ways to produce, distribute and use energy. Come and enjoy the film, and envision our new energy future.”

Those campus energy experts represent multiple energy-related programs including the Advanced Transportation Energy Center, the NC Solar Center, and a student from the environmental science department.  After the film, there will be an opportunity for open discussion.

Switch is part of the Switch Energy Project, a multi-pronged effort to build a global understanding of energy. This screening is part of over 250 universities across the country participating in the GSA Switch Energy Awareness & Efficiency Program, which launched last fall at over 40 pilot schools with a student ambassador program, efficiency drive and screening of the film.