NC CHP Initiative meeting 6/28 to discuss ways to promote the Combined Heat & Power market

The North Carolina CHP Initiative (NC-CHPI) will have its first meeting of the year on June 28th, from 11:00-1:30 in Charlotte. ¬†Piedmont Natural Gas will host the meeting of roughly 30 participants who are interested in promoting the CHP market in North Carolina. Participants include industrial energy end users such as Coca-Cola Bottling company, NGOs, utilities, governmental agencies and private developer’s such as Recycled Energy Development.

This first meeting of the year will be a working session where participants will evaluate NC CHP incentives and financing mechanisms, as well as define its goals for 2012. This effort is lead by the U.S. DOE Southeast Clean Energy Application Center, a Clean Power and Industrial Efficiency project hosted by the N.C. Solar Center.

NC CHP Initiative mission statement: The North Carolina CHP Initiative (NC-CHPI) is an association of business interests supporting combined heat and power in industrial, commercial and institutional settings. The NC-CHPI champions CHP as a clean, reliable and cost effective power resource that supports the economy of the state.

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