N.C. Solar Center staff member presented at Capitol Hill’s Bioenergy Day

Isaac Panzarella, Clean Power and Efficiency Manager at the North Carolina Solar Center, is presenting on the state of bioenergy in the United States today, highlighting research and technology deployment projects happening around the country in the emerging biofuels industry and expanding biomass heat and power market.  “There are many potential bioenergy opportunities that require further planning and infrastructure development, while there are also many current bioenergy practices applied in agriculture, industry and transportation today that offer financially viable clean and domestic energy solutions at high energy and economic efficiencies.”  In his role as Director of the US DOE Southeast Clean Energy Application Center (SE-CEAC), Mr. Panzarella provides knowledge and expertise to help companies and institutions whom are taking a leadership role by investing in highly efficient biomass combined heat and power systems.  The progress in this area has shown most important thing is to keep making progress in bioenergy, with the awareness that the pace of development will quicken with every proven advance in process or technology.

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