N.C. Clean Transportation Tour Provides Fleet Efficiency & Air Quality Education

Regional Awards Highlight Diverse Transportation Solutions


The North Carolina Clean Transportation Tour, hosted by the N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center (NCCETC), concluded a three city tour with a final event at the City of Raleigh’s new Central Operations Facility on Thursday, October 22. The tour also included stops at the City Club at Gibson Mill in Concord and SciWorks Science Museum in Winston-Salem. Each half-day event included a Savings & Finance for Clean Transportation workshop, an alternative fuel Ride & Drive, and an awards luncheon recognizing exemplary efforts to reduce transportation related emissions.
Nearly 250 attendees were given the opportunity to get behind the wheel of over 15 alternative fuel vehicles at each location. Vehicles ranged in size from neighborhood electric vehicles to natural gas school buses. Some of the vehicles available to participants were the all-electric Tesla Model S, a hybrid Chevy Express, a natural gas Ford Taurus Interceptor, a propane Ford Explorer Interceptor, and a biofuel powered Dodge Charger.
The Savings & Finance for Clean Transportation workshop covered an array of relevant fleet related topics. Speakers included Al Curtis, Cobb County, Georgia fleet manager, who spoke about how alternative fuels were on track to save his fleet $500,000 this fiscal year alone. Dave Rush from R.J. Reynolds praised the savings from telematics equipment, stating that it’s one of the “easiest returns on investment” that he’s ever come across. Rick Sapienza from the NCCETC focused on the resources available to fleets, including the soon to be announced request for proposals from the NCCETC for $1.5 million in funding to support clean transportation technology projects available in North Carolina. An additional six workshop speakers presented over the course of the three locations.
The 9th Annual Mobile Clean Air Renewable Energy (CARE) awards were presented to individuals, technology providers, and organizations as part of a celebratory luncheon presided over by members of the N.C. Department of Transportation (NCDOT) leadership team. The awards recognize outstanding individuals and organizations for their efforts in reducing transportation-related emissions. Skip Kirkwood, Sam Brake, Alliance AutoGas, City of Charlotte Solid Waste Services, and the City of Charlotte Fire Department were all recipients of a 2015 Mobile CARE award. Find out more about their accomplishments here. Twenty-six fleets from across the state were also recognized as NC Smart Fleet members for their efforts at increasing efficiency and reducing emissions.  N.C. DOT Board of Transportation Chairman Ned Curran recognized the awardees in Concord, N.C. DOT Secretary Nick Tennyson in Winston-Salem, and N.C. DOT Chief Engineer Mike Holder in Raleigh.

View photos and presentations from the N.C. Clean Transportation Tour.