Webinar: Bioenergy + Combined Heat & Power Benefits for Municipalities

Webinar: Bioenergy + Combined Heat & Power Benefits for Municipalities June 17, 1-2:10 p.m. EDT As more and more cities realize the need for resilience at critical water and wastewater system facilities and others sign on to renewable energy commitments or carbon reduction goals, the need for creative energy solutions becomes increasingly important. Luckily, municipalities […]


Operating Sustainable and Resilient Wastewater Treatment Plants with Combined Heat and Power


Wastewater treatment plants are an integral part of the critical infrastructure of a municipality or county. The ability of these facilities to operate, especially during severe weather events, is essential to the environmental and human health and safety of the communities these plants serve. Combined heat and power (CHP) has the ability to provide resilient, […]

Virtual In-Plant Trainings on Combined Heat and Power


In-Plant Trainings (INPLTs) INPLTs offered by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Plants program are multi-day workshops performed by industry-recognized experts. These training workshops enhance the attendees’ understanding of working principles, knowledge of best practices, and capability to analyze the energy performance of industrial energy systems. INPLTs include both classroom and field-based training sessions that […]

Building Resilient Communities with CHP Microgrids

Rincon Beach Resort Rincon Beach Resort Road 115 Km 5.8, Añasco, Añasco

Welcome to the 2023 2G Energy Inc. CHP Tour! This event will include a networking luncheon with a panel of industry experts to educate you about the possibilities of sustainable, resilient, and decentralized energy solutions for communities and the facilities they rely on. Not only will this event be hosted at the beautiful Rincon Beach […]

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