Who Should Attend and How Do I Complete the Program?

Who should attend?

The program is geared especially for electrical, plumbing, and general contractors, engineers and HVAC professionals, builders and architects, entrepreneurs and all interested individuals who want to gain a higher level of professional training in the fields of renewable energy and green building.


How do I complete the program?

The program allows you to build an interdisciplinary course that gives an in-depth understanding of ‘green’ technologies. To earn the diploma, you are required to complete 120 contact hours, or three 40-hour workshops within three years, and make a 15-minute presentation on your future plans with the knowledge gained. You can take 3 five-day RETDS workshops on intermediate photovoltaics, advanced photovoltaics, small wind, solar heating, or residential green building.  A certificate of completion is given at the end of each five-day workshop. Participants must be there for 90% of the time to receive the workshop certificate.