Renewable Energy Technologies Diploma Series

The award winning, IREC ISPQ-accredited Renewable Energy Technologies (RET) Diploma Series  is a continuing-education training program that provides:

  • nationally awarded training
  • numerous professional certifications and pathways to certifications
  • continuing education credits for professionals
  • an NCSU continuing education diploma
  • the industries’ most qualified instructors
  • technical theory and hands-on training
  • information on current policies and technologies
  • a support network of experienced renewable energy professionals


To earn this continuing education diploma from NC State University, you must complete a minimum of 120 hours, or three 40-hour courses under the Diploma Series. In addition, the program can help meet the required continuing education for professionals in certain fields.

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Credits, Certifications and Certification Pathways

NC electrical contractors receive 24 continuing education credit hours. Professional engineers receive 40 PDH credits.  We also offer credits for CPA’s and lawyers.

Our photovoltaics (REPV) course offers participants the opportunity to take the North American Board of Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) Associate Exams for PV, formally known as the NABCEP Entry Level Exam. This course fulfills the education requirements on the journey to becoming a NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional or PV Tech Sales.  Our instructors are industry leaders and hold certifications, such as our ISPQ Certified Master instructors and NABCEP certified installation professionals. In some cases, they sit on NABCEP’s technical review committees.

What are the week-long RET Diploma Series workshops?

1. REPV: Fundamentals of PV Design and Installation

2. REPV(A): Advanced Design and Installation of Photovoltaic Systems*

3. CREM: Certificate in Renewable Energy Management

4. Solar Storage Workshop + O&M: Operations and Maintenance for PV Systems**


6. BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Specialist


*Must have taken REPV previously, or have passed the NABCEP Associate PV Exam

 **Participants must satisfy course requirements to receive the workshop certificate. The Solar Storage (24 hours) and O&M (16 hours) workshops need to be taken together to make 40 hours.


Short Course Workshops

We also offer short course workshops that are either nested within, or a complement to, the Renewable Energy Diploma Series. These courses range from technical theory to specific business topics to hands-on technical workshops.

Getting Started


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