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Renewable Energy Technologies Diploma Series

The Renewable Energy Technologies Diploma Series is a continuing education professional development program that allows participants to build interdisciplinary courses that give an in-depth understanding of several renewable energy technologies and renewable energy project development, as well as residential green building principles and strategies. Since 2004, the NC Clean Technology Center has been had the only IREC ISPQ-Accredited Training Program between Maryland and Florida–the Renewable Energy Technologies Diploma Series. The Diploma Series’ five-day workshops focus on intermediate and advanced solar electric technologies (photovoltaics), solar thermal technology, and small wind technology. In addition we offer a course on renewable energy project management.  We also offer courses delivering residential energy efficiency certifications.  You must complete 3 five-day workshops within three years to complete your RET Diploma.

A certificate of completion from N.C. State University is given at the end of each weekly course.

Anyone can earn these diplomas but we also offer professional credits for: NC electrical contractors , registered architects, professional engineers, CPA’s and lawyers.


Certificate in Renewable Energy Management

Business professionals and students studying to be in the private sector are keenly aware of the changing energy landscape. Many professionals want to know more about the renewable energy industry but find that available workshops in renewable energy are too technical or geared for the installer. The goal of the Certificate in Renewable Energy Management is not only to provide a sound foundation of how existing renewable energy technologies work, but also to have a firm grasp of the technology, policies and financial options so they can make informed decisions as a manager and businessperson in the renewable energy industry.

Short-Course Professional Development Workshops

Outside or in conjunction with the Renewable Energy Technologies, the Center’s Training Program team also offers short-course workshops spanning no more than three days. The workshops may offer a combination of continuing education and professional credits for AIA members, professional engineers and other licensed trades.


Green Energy Jobs

Check out our resources and learn more about how to find a job in the fast-growing green energy industry.

N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center Training program staff biographies:


Lyra Rakusin- Senior Clean Energy Training Specialist

Joann Henry- Workforce Development Program Assistant