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Alternative Fuel Implementation Toolkit

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The Clean Transportation Team offers a variety of training opportunities for fleets interested in improving air quality, reducing costs, increasing efficiency, or diversifying their fueling options. The trainings offered by the Center cover driver behavior, efficiency technologies, financing, and alternative fuels. At this time, our training courses are offered online with many more currently in development.

This Toolkit is a “How To Implement” guide for fleets, including sections on each alternative fuel, helpful decision-making tools, and North Carolina specific case studies.

1. Peruse the Introduction materials, enter your fleet stats into the Profile Survey to ID the vehicles that would be the best fit for alt fuels (hint: usually the highest mileage vehicles, or for EVs, high the mileage vehicles which don’t exceed 70 miles per day).

2. Enter the stats for those ‘best fit’ vehicles into the Cost Calculator’s “Baseline Fleet” column, and see how putting various alternative fuel versions in the “New Fleet” column affects the return on investment (ROI).

3. Visit the fuel chapters that are most likely to work for your fleet to learn more.

4. Go back to the Vehicle Cost Calculator to refine the numbers based on what you read in the chapter(s), and see what a likely ROI would look like with various alt fuels.

Fleets should also consider various conservation and efficiency practices, including eco-driving, fleet and vehicle “right-sizing”, and organization-level support for alternative commuting and transportation options (biking and walking, and transit).



Alternative Fuels Information Matrix

Fleet Profile Survey

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Cost Calculator

Alt Fuel Vehicle Cost Calculator – EXAMPLE

Alt Fuel Vehicle Bid Calendar

Alternative Fuel Users Database/Map

Clean Transportation Buyers Book




Biodiesel Chapter

Biodiesel Chapter

Biodiesel Case Study



Natural Gas (CNG)

Natural Gas Chapter

Natural Gas Chapter 

Natural Gas Case Study

Natural Gas Station Installation Guide

Natural Gas Vehicle Technician Map



Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle Chapter

Electric Vehicle Case Study



Ethanol (E85)


Ethanol Chapter

Ethanol Case Study




Propane (LPG)


Propane Chapter

Propane Case Study

Propane Finance Models



Smart Fleet Management Certification

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COMING SOON! The Smart Fleet Management Certification program will provide training for fleet managers and other planning, purchasing and sustainability related staff to help increase fleet effectiveness and decrease fleet related emissions. Initial modules will include developing a sustainable fleet policy and plan, increasing fleet utilization, financing clean transportation technology, managing change within all levels of your organization, and more. Sponsored by the NC Department of Transportation through the Center’s Clean Fuel Advanced Technology project with support from the National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA), the training program is expected to be launched sometime in the near future. Once released the Center’s training will enhance the NC Smart Fleet certification and support NAFA’s Sustainable Fleet Accreditation Program .




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The Eco-Driving training program was created to provide an overview of low/no cost driving behavior changes that can lead to fuel savings, increased efficiency, prolonged vehicle life, and reduced emissions.  You can view the training course via the thirty minute YouTube video above. To receive your eco-driving certification and sign up for the online course, please contact Rick Sapienza.

The Clean Transportation Group at the North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center offers half-day hands-on eco-driving training sessions for organizations as part of our suite of Fleet Services.  We can provide direct training for drivers as well as training for managers in how to effectively reinforce safe and fuel-efficient driving techniques. Please contact for more information.


More Information

Eco Driver Training Ten Slide Summary

NC Department of Transportation – Drive Green  to watch short video and download printable flyers with 10 eco driving tips.



Fleet Assessments

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The NC Clean Energy Technology Center is able to provide fleet assessments to help fleets determine the best, most cost-effective ways to reduce their emissions. Learn more about the offerings summarized below and their current prices.

Alternative Fuels & Advanced Technology Feasibility Study

The NC Clean Energy Technology Center can analyze your fleet’s make-up and fuel usage patterns to make recommendations on the most cost-effective alternative fuels that your organization could use to reduce your emissions. This can help your fleet save money while reducing emissions. Additionally, for electric vehicles, the NC Clean Energy Technology Center can look at your current usage patterns to determine which vehicles are the best candidates for replacement with electric vehicles.

Right-sizing Analysis

The NC Clean Energy Technology Center is partnering with North Carolina-based CST Fleet Services to offer fleet right-sizing analysis. This right-sizing analysis will assist fleets in ensuring that their vehicle count is appropriate, which can help fleets save money while reducing emissions.