Carolina Blue Skies

Carolina Blue Skies & Green Jobs Initiative is a bi-state effort led by Triangle J Council of Governments (TJCOG). The overall goal is to reduce depending on imported petroleum, increase fleet fuel economy, reduce emissions, improve air quality and create and retain jobs. The N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center, along with the Centralina Council of Governments, Land of Sky Council of Governments, and South Carolina State Energy Office are working with TJCOG to help implement over 50 sub-award projects in North and South Carolina over the 4-year project period. Project objectives include:

• Increase the use of alternative fueled and advanced technology vehicles in North and South Carolina.
• Install infrastructure that supports alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles.
• Ensure that vehicles capable of using alternative fuel do so to the greatest extent possible.
• Educate project partners and the public about alternative fuel and advanced technology through educational materials and training for fleets, individuals, and the public at large.
• Collect data demonstrating the success of the project.

This initiative pursues a “fuel-neutral” approach to increase the availability of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles and alternative fuel infrastructure in North and South Carolina by adding approximately:

• 17 E85 and 10 B20 public fueling stations
• 5 E85 and 14 B20 shared private stations for government and private fleets
• 11 CNG stations accessible to the public and private fleets, 10 new 10 CNG vehicles, 39 CNG conversions on existing vehicles
• 9 LPG stations accessible to the public and private fleets, 355 LPG conversions of existing vehicles
• 112 electric charging stations accessible to public and private fleets, 24 NEV purchases
• 46 hybrid light-duty gasoline vehicles, 10 hybrid heavy-duty diesel vehicles.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is the primary sponsor of the Carolina Blue Skies and Green Jobs Initiative.
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