Bicycling & Pedestrians


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To view pedestrian  and bicycling options that cater to your area, select your region on the map of North Carolina above.


Across the state of North Carolina, sidewalks and greenway trails exist as transportation and recreational alternatives to personal vehicles.  These options are available in most urban areas but also some rural ones as well.  To get an overall understanding of the pedestrian  and bicycle options available in North Carolina visit:

North Carolina also has a pedestrian and bike trail that transects the whole state. For an interactive map of the Mountains to Sea trail visit:

The University of North Carolina Bicycle and Pedestrian Information Center operates a website with a wealth of information, include bike share programs and  the benefits of walking at :


There are many benefits to traveling by bike or walking, ranging from better health to reduced environmental impacts and cost savings:


  • Individuals that exercise 30 minutes a day can reduce their risk of stroke by 20 percent and coronary heart disease by 30 percent.(1)
  • Pedestrians and bicyclist save money if they walk or pedal instead of driving. The American Automobile Association estimates that it costs $8,946 to operate a average sedan in 2012.(2)
  • Benefits like these have led to an increased popularity in the use of bicycles.  Across 55 major cities in the United States, traveling by bike increased 70 percent from 2000-2009.(3)