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Photo of Anne Tazewell
Anne Tazewell
Special Projects Manager

Anne Tazewell is the Special Projects Manager at the Center, where she coordinates the Center’s development and fund raising efforts. Specific focus areas include grant writing and philanthropic foundations, as well as clean transportation related projects. Previous to assuming this role in May 2016, Anne led the Transportation team efforts for twelve years. In this capacity she was successful in securing over $17 million to improve air quality through advanced transportation technologies, efficiency and alternative fuels, such as biodiesel, ethanol, natural gas, propane and electricity. She has lead public education efforts that include conferences and workshops; billboard, radio and television advertising; training, website and newsletter development. Prior to joining the Center in 2004, Anne worked at Triangle J Council of Governments as a Clean Cities Coordinator for four years. She was a contributor to Small Stories Big Changes, Agents of Change on the Front Lines of Sustainability, published by New Society in 2013.  Anne graduated from New College of the University of South Florida with a B.A. in Environmental Studies.  Email:

Photo of Henry Tsai
Henry Tsai
Deputy Director

Henry is the deputy director of the Center and is responsible for the financial, economic and business strategy development of the overall renewable energy initiatives. Henry joined the Center in 2004 to serve as Principal Investigator for several state and federally sponsored policy research projects. His key experiences and expertise include: Valuation of commercial and industrial scale projects in biofuels and solar; portfolio and financial risk management in capital projects and capital markets; development of strategic relationships in higher risk business models; financial modeling and contract negotiations in large scale power projects that are significantly tied to emerging federal and state legislation; capital budgeting processes for complicated investment and ownership structures. Before joining the Center, Henry managed the export department of a Fortune 500 logistics company, where he also served as a financial analyst. During his tenure at the company, Henry designed and initiated export protocols for the Central American business lane, cross-trained and merged services between the domestic and international divisions, and initiated export processes that resulted in year-to-year positive gains in revenue, profit margin, and overall net income for the department. Henry has a B.A. from Duke University and an MBA from NC State University. Email: