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Photo of Megan Berry
Megan Berry
Senior Clean Energy Training Specialist

Megan Cain is a Training Specialist for the Center, where she manages the Renewable Energy Technology Diploma Series training program, customized trainings, and other workforce development opportunities. Megan has been involved in the environmental sustainability field since 2007.

After graduating from NC State in 2011, she became an Energy Fellow and Program Coordinator for the NC State University Sustainability Office until 2013, working on ways to more actively engage students with sustainability on campus. From 2013-2015, Megan served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Panama, working on school and community environmental outreach programs. After returning from Panama, she moved to Lancaster, UK to begin graduate school. While in Lancaster, she was the Communications and Engagement Supervisor for Green Lancaster, an environmental behavior change organization on campus. After submitting her dissertation about grassroots efforts versus infrastructural changes related to sustainability practices in Higher Education Institutions, Megan received her MA in Environment, Culture, and Society from Lancaster University in 2016. She also has her B.S. in Environmental Technology and Management from NC State University, received in 2011. Email:

Photo of John Bonitz
John Bonitz
Clean Transportation Specialist

John is a clean transportation specialist at the Center. His environmental career began as an award-winning solid waste and recycling manager at UNC-Greensboro. Masters studies in climate policy took him to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), where he analyzed cost-effective renewable energy technologies. At RAFI-USA, his work in sustainable agriculture addressed the challenges of financing farm ventures. During seven years with a non-profit energy advocacy organization he worked to promote sustainability in bioenergy. More recently, John has worked as consultant to non-profits and businesses interested in sustainable bioenergy and carbon negative pathways. He currently serves on his Town Board of Commissioners. Email: 

Photo of Heather Brutz
Heather Brutz
Finance and Operations Manager, Clean Transportation Program

Within the Clean Transportation team Heather Brutz helps guide the strategy and vision for the program as well as manage its budget. Heather joined the Center in 2015 after receiving her MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Previously, she lived in Washington, DC, where she worked at Transportation for America, a coalition dedicated to promoting a smarter, safer, cleaner transportation system at the federal level. Heather also worked for Clean Energy Works, a coalition of groups dedicated to promoting comprehensive clean energy and climate policies at the federal level. Email: