Offshore Wind Energy Targets Added to DSIRE

By:  Brian Lips, Senior Project Manager for Policy

The Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE) provides detailed summaries of every federal, state, and utility-administered regulatory policy and financial incentive that supports the use of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and electric vehicles across all 50 states and the U.S. territories. The database organizes this content into close to 50 different types of policies and incentives. The North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center recently expanded the scope of DSIRE to include Offshore Wind Energy Targets as a new policy type in the database. 

As of July 2024, nine states have adopted Offshore Wind Energy Targets. Unlike Renewable Portfolio Standards, which require utilities to have a certain percentage of their retail sales come from renewable energy by a certain date, the currently enacted Offshore Wind Energy Targets express their requirements in terms of megawatts or gigawatts of installed capacity. For each Offshore Wind Energy Target, DSIRE includes a quick snapshot of the target and its compliance date; a narrative summary of the target; links to the enabling legislation, statutes, and executive orders underlying the policy, and contact information for the person or entity in the state who is knowledgeable about the target.