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Designing PV worksheets and activities: A workshop for Technical Instructors and STEM Teachers

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This one-day facilitator led collaborative workshop will guide teachers, especially in the science and math disciplines, to design worksheets and activities that introduce their students to photovoltaic (solar electric)  concepts through basics of electricity principles. Teachers will walk away with worksheets and a PV activity box that they can use to teach in the classroom.

Learning Objectives:
  • Be able to develop exercises to introduce students to photovoltaic concepts
  •  Be able to develop a curriculum that integrates photovoltaic principles in basic science, math, and engineering and technology courses.
  • Be able to teach students the fundamentals of photovoltaics.



July 17, 2012



Holiday Inn Express, 3741 Thistledown Drive, Raleigh, NC 27606



Solar Instructor Series Fee: $75. Register here.

(You must be employed as an educator to register for this class.)

For questions, please contact or 919-624-3061.

UNC colleges gather at ASU for energy summit

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It’s being called one of the most important meetings that will take place in the state of North Carolina this year.

The Appalachian Energy Summit, which started Monday morning, will bring together representatives from every school in the UNC system in an effort to find ways to save money spent on energy. With 221,000 students on 17 campuses, the UNC system is the largest user of electricity in North Carolina, but many believe that millions of dollars can be saved.

“If we’re able to reduce the energy spend by a billion dollars over the next 20 years that is money that’s available for other needs that our state has,” said ASU Sustainability Director Dr. Ged Moody.

The summit will take place in Boone on the campus of Appalachian State University until Wednesday.

Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute will facilitate the summit. Lovins is well known worldwide as a physicist and science and environmental writer. He was named one of Time Magazines “100 Most Influential People” in 2009.

His books include Reinventing Fire and Winning the Oil Endgame.

“Bringing them into this initiative brings incredible depth to the technical expertise but also brings a lot of credibility and it’s helped us attract other speakers,” said Moody.

According to the North Carolina Energy Office, the UNC system spends $226 million per year on energy, or approximately $1000 per student. The office predicts that with increased demand and higher energy prices, the total amount spent on power could rise dramatically. The purpose of the summit is to discover new ways to cut those costs while still meeting the energy demands of the university system.

Appalachian State University and the Rocky Mountain Institute are partnering to host the summit and to work on developing a plan of “sustainability” for the entire system. Several private schools, including Catawba College, Davidson College, Duke University, Warren Wilson University, and Wake Forest University will also have roles in the summit.

“To be bringing together chancellors, to be bringing together financial officers and academic officers along with students and faculty and energy managers around this common problem, I think it’s fairly unprecedented at the system level,” Moody added.

The goals of the summit, as outlined and provided to WBTV include:

    1. Educating students to be leaders of tomorrow
    2. Reducing the university’s average annual energy costs from $1000 to $500 per student.
    3. Transforming the North Carolina economy
    4. Positioning the UNC system as national leaders in this effort
    5. Promoting the leadership of academic programs
    6. Reducing reliance on fossil fuels
    7. Promoting collaborative interactions between students and campus operations across the state
    8. Inducing a culture of environmental and economic sustainability
    9. Creating new partnerships between the universities, benefactors, and industry.


N.C. Solar Center Director, Steve Kalland and Clean Transportation program manager, Anne Tazewell both participated in the three-day discussions.

Written by: By Chris Dyche, WBTV

N.C. Solar Center launches Solar Instructor Series with a week-long PV workshop

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The N.C. Solar Center is launching the Solar Instructor Series with a week-long workshop on the fundamentals of designing and installing a photovoltaic system. “REPV: Renewable Energy Generation with Photovoltaics”, scheduled for July 9 – 13th, covers system types, components, applications, and best practices for installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. A hands-on day installing a fully integrated grid tied PV system pulls together the classroom knowledge and rounds out the five day workshop.

The Solar Instructor Series is part of a Train the Trainer program funded by the U.S. Department of Energy and administered by the N.C. Solar Center at N.C. State University. The goal is to train instructors in Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina so that they can to address a critical need for high-quality, local, and accessible training in solar electric system design, installation, sales, and inspection.

Recognizing the need for highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals to join the array of career paths in the solar workforce, the N.C. Solar Center is also offering a variety of workshops and online tools to help K-12 teachers, community college instructors, college professors, and local inspectors incorporate solar fundamentals into the classroom. Successful applicants receive up to 70 percent discount on registration fees and must be employed as an educator. Classes are taught at the McKimmon Center at N.C. State University in Raleigh, N.C.  Seats are still available for the July 9th class.

Aside from a weeklong PV workshop, other workshops in the series include: the Certificate in Renewable Energy Management, Designing PV worksheets and activities: A workshop for STEM teachers and Technical Instructors, and webinars such as How to Land Your Green Energy Dream Job.

Webinar 7/13: Chemical Industry Applications for Combined Heat and Power

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This webinar will discuss CHP applications for the Chemical Industry in the Southeast and introduce a CHP qualification tool used by the DOE’s Clean Energy Application Centers to evaluate the feasibility of CHP installations at industrial sites. Ches Rhodes with the Southeast Clean Energy Application Center (SE-CEAC), will provide an introduction to the webinar and background on the SE-CEAC. Ches will introduce two guest speakers who will discuss the energy trends of the chemical industry, as well as current operating CHP systems in chemical industry facilities. 

Raul Crespo, a Senior Staff Professional in Environmental Services at Terracon Consultants. He has worked as an environmental consultant for 4 years, and received his Master’s from Mississippi State University. His Master’s thesis was on energy usage in the chemical industry and energy savings strategies for the industry. Raul will present on the current state of energy in the chemical industry, and CHP’s applicability to the industry.  Fred Cleveland is the Compliance and Strategy Manager at Eastman Chemical Company where he has worked for 17 years. He is a licensed Professional Engineer and has worked in the Engineering and Utilities division prior to his current role. Fred will present on the CHP system at Eastman’s 900 acre Kingsport, TN plant which has a capacity of 160 megawatts with a fleet of 17 boilers.

The SE-CEAC will conclude the webinar by demonstrating the CHP Screening Qualification Tool used for site assessments at target facilities, with a focus of CHP feasibility in chemical industries.

Date: July 13,
Time: 12:30-2:00 PM EDT

Space is limited…Reserve your webinar seat now! Click here to register