Residential Programs

The focus of Residential Programs at the Solar Center are to provide a broad array of educational and quality assurance services for the sustainable home building industry as it transforms North Carolina’s green residential marketplace.


The N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center has developed and administers several programs, including NC HealthyBuilt Homes, and assists in executing other third party verification programs, including ENERGY STAR® and the LEED for Homes®.  Staff members provide technical and design assistance as builders, energy raters, designers and homeowners implement sustainable construction efforts, especially in the areas of passive solar, energy efficiency and renewable energy.


Staff members are LEED for Homes Accredited Professionals and are able to answer “How do I get started?” and “What makes financial sense?”  When funding is available, staff members can help with existing building site assessments, assisting with charettes and providing in field education on specific technical topics that a company or government entity may request.

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Present and Past Residential projects include:

  •  NC HealthyBuilt Homes Program Administrator for the state, including standards development
  • LEED for Homes Provider
  • Green Inspector Program
  • Residential and Weatherization Curriculum Development
  • Residential technical and project assistance to the building industry, including numerous factsheets
  • NC Energy Efficiency Alliance
  • Assisted in the development of the National Green Building Standard
  • Building and Energy code educational assistance
  • Building policy educational assistance
  • A paper on zero energy homes, including a passive solar design


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