N.C. Sustainable Building Design Competition

The N.C. Sustainable Building Design Competition (NCSBDC) began in 2000 as a way to engage students in universities and colleges in lessons of sustainable design and construction.  Each year, statewide winners see their design built as part of the grand prize.  The program is administered by the High Performance Building Program.  Every even year, the HPBP collaborates with the U.S. Green Building Council’s National Talent Design Competition, which provides an additional level of competition for the North Carolina teams.


Vision of the NCSBDC

Growing concerns over water and air quality call for changes in building design, materials, and construction methods.  It is imperative that buildings embody the innovation needed to forge a sustainable future – a future that is healthy and viable for the planet.  The NCSBDC addresses these concerns and redefines the role of the building design industry as one focused on the future:

  • Developing student competency in sustainable building design
  • Fostering the meaningful exchange of knowledge between industry and academics
  • Ushering sustainability innovation into the building and design industries

The intent is that all construction projects employ sustainable guidelines.  These practices will spur the development of building specifications for each region of North Carolina (mountains, piedmont, and coast).  This geographic model will lead to the development of a national and global model for sustainability.


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