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The N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center has over 15 years of experience testing solar collectors and systems. The Center’s engineers have provided performance testing to designers, manufacturers, and distributors of large scale concentrating solar thermal systems, low cost solar air heaters, concentrating PV systems, traditional PV modules, flat plate solar thermal collectors, and evacuated tube solar thermal collectors.

    • Qualification Tests (ISO 9806 & SRCC Standard 100)*
    • Glazed Liquid-heating Collector Efficiency and IAM (ISO 9806 & SRCC Standard 100)*


    • Qualification Tests (SRCC Standard 100)
    • Glazed Liquid-heating Collector Efficiency and IAM (SRCC Standard 100)


*See A2LA scope of accreditation for details


NC Clean Energy Technology Center Testing lab

The laboratory is committed to supporting the solar thermal industry of North Carolina, as well as the United States and International industries, by providing standardized testing as well as custom testing of solar and related equipment. As an accredited testing laboratory, the North Carolina State University Solar Center Testing Laboratory pledges to provide dependable, repeatable, and affordable results. It is dedicated to serving the renewable energy sector, through:

  • Providing test data supporting nationally recognized collector certification.
  • Providing a custom lab or field testing to demonstrate durability and performance.
  • Ensuring that each customer is given superior attention and service.


Customers are provided with the expertise and experience needed to accurately and quickly test their collectors. The Testing Lab team is committed to delivering timely, accurate, high-quality testing results and is driven by professionalism and customer service.


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Tommy Cleveland, PE