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Did you know?


  • According to the American Public Transportation Association, the average individual in a two-person household can save nearly $10,000 annually by commuting via public transit instead of owning a second car.
  • These savings assume a national average gas price of $3.35 per gallon and the national unreserved monthly parking rate.


Across the state of North Carolina, public transportation options exist as an affordable, efficient means to travel from one location to another. These options are available in most urban areas but also some rural ones as well. To get an overall understanding of the transportation options available in North Carolina visit:


To see public transportation options that cater to your area, select your region on the map of North Carolina above and click on the corresponding link below the map. There are also many benefits to using public transportation, ranging from financial savings to reduced environmental impacts:


  • Individuals that elect to use public transportation over a personal vehicle can save up to $9,986 per year(1) .


  • Each driver switching to public transportation can help reduce carbon emissions by 20 pounds per day or 4800 pounds annually(2) . This is equivalent to a 10 percent household carbon reduction(3).


  • Benefits like these have led to an increased popularity in the use of public transportation. In the city of Charlotte alone, public transportation ridership has increased nearly 80 percent since 2000(4).