Solarize Raleigh


Solarize Raleigh – Save Energy and Money!


Solarize Raleigh is a collaboration between the North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center and the City of Raleigh. The program is designed to bring competitively priced solar PV and a streamlined process for going solar to homeowners in Raleigh.

How it works: Buyers (homeowners) can take advantage of buying solar in bulk from a local installer. As more people “go solar” and become a part of the group purchase program, the price for everyone participating will drop.


Through this program, Raleigh homeowners can expect:

  •  Volume-based discounts that grow larger as more people sign up
  • A relationship with a trusted, experienced solar installer (or installers) selected by the Solarize Raleigh team
  • No-money down financing with favorable loan terms from an authorized financing partner that reduces or eliminates the upfront cost of going solar
  • Significant utility bill savings


Want to get involved?


Click here to receive more information about Solarize Raleigh, sign up for a no-cost Solarize Raleigh assessment, or volunteer to educate others about Solarize Raleigh.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Letter of Endorsement – Mayor Nancy McFarlane

Request for Proposal (RFP) for Installers (DRAFT)

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