Panel Backs Offshore Wind in North Carolina

A report released today from the North Carolina Governor’s Scientific Advisory Panel on Offshore Energy has effectively endorsed offshore wind development.

The report determined that North Carolina has the strongest resource on the Atlantic Coast and called the ocean off the North Carolina coast “a prime area for offshore wind development.”

The report also determined that most offshore wind near North Carolina will be developed in federal water — more than three miles off the coast.

Gov. Bev Perdue praised the panel for “critical thinking and sound advice so North Carolina can move ahead, in a responsible way, to look at developing offshore energy resources.”

The panel encouraged state leaders to engage with industry to develop the necessary supply chain to build and service offshore wind farms.

Will Morgan, director of Government Relations for the NC Sierra Club, said that the report echoes earlier findings from university and think tank research.

“We look forward to working with the legislature to make the possibility of thousands of jobs and the clean, renewable energy the offshore wind industry would bring to our state a reality,” Morgan said. “It’s becoming clear that offshore wind is a better option than drilling off our coast.”

[Reposted from Offshore Wind Wire, Feb 9th, 2012]