Training and Events

Each year, the Center hosts and/or participates in a broad number of events.These typically include workforce development training, conferences, webinars, and industry trade shows. These activities highlight the Center, our technical assistance services and projects, and our education and training.

Workforce Development Training

(At-a-Glance schedule of courses )

Year-round, $799 – $1798

 October 13-November 19, 2015 (Tuesday / Thursday 2 hour online lectures)    $799

Spring 2016 (First 3 days and last day in Raleigh. 4 topics online)

$1,998. You can now pay in installments!

Spring 2016   (Part of CREM program), from $299

 October 26-30,2015                               Raleigh, NC           $999

September 21-25, 2015           $999

 November 2-6, 2015       Raleigh, NC            $1299


This one-day class is for those who have taken a 40 hour course on the basics of design and installation of PV systems (REPV).

   November 20, 2015                                      Raleigh, NC    $199

Fall 2015 Raleigh if enough interest        Raleigh  ,  NC

Was $1799  get it for $1649!Pre -Register Here


This class is intended for AHJs – code officials and inspectors and instructors teaching inspectors and installers who need to familiarize themselves with code compliant photovoltaic systems. A PV Online Training (PVOT) course for inspectors is also available as a resource. Download the flyer.


 December 7-8, 2015

August 10-14, 2015        November 16-20,2015

September 28-October 2, 2015


Center staff speak, present and exhibit at many conferences across North Carolina and the nation.

Industry Tradeshows

The Center participates in both regional and national tradeshows to promote our programmatic areas and to support North Carolina’s efforts to advance renewable energy within the state.   To see a list of our current events and outreach activities, please visit our Events calendar.