Provided here are online resources, activities, and simulations in renewable energy technologies, which incorporate the concepts of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) for both high school and middle school levels. Information can be accessed allowing students to learn about photovoltaic systems, solar thermal, passive and active solar, alternative transportation, wind, and other renewable energy technologies related to green living.

The project is funded by North Carolina State University Extension, Engagement, and Economic Development.


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My Sustainable House – Game

U.S. Energy Information Administration: Energy Kids

U.S. Department of Energy Lesson Plans

U.S. Department of Energy Science and Technology

Middle School Home Energy Audit

Florida Solar Energy Center

Description of a Rotameter

National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Kid Wind Project

U.S. Energy Information Administration

Energy and Science Lesson Plans

Environmental Protection Agency

GM Education Site

Experiments with Energy

Penn State Energy Lesson Plans

Earth Day – Game

Renewable Energy Activities – Choices for Tomorrow (R.E.A.C..T.)

Renewable Energy Lesson Plans

Science NetLinks

School for Energy – Solar Schools Forum

NCSU – The Engineering Place

Oxfam Education

Energy Fueling the Future

NCSU – College of Education: Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education

NCSU – The Friday Institute

NCSU – The Science House


Teacher Assistance

Teacher Unit Implementation Instructions


Pre-test Key


Post-test Key

Alternative Transportation Lesson Plan

Energy Lesson Plans – 5 Lessons

Renewable Energy Powerpoint

The Virtual Solar House