The mission of the N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center’s Clean Transportation Program is to increase the use of alternative fuels and advanced transportation technologies. Working with government, non-profits and businesses, the Clean Transportation team is helping diversify fuel supplies and support cleaner, more vibrant local and state economies. The end result – cleaner air and greater energy security.

The Clean Transportation Program is funded through a small state appropriation, grants and fee-for-service projects. Clean transportation projects support the expanded use of fuels such as biodiesel, electricity, ethanol, natural gas, and propane, as well as advanced transportation technologies and policies that reduce emissions and fuel consumption.  Education and outreach are provided through events, collaborative funding opportunities, meetings, and shared news items, research results, and resource materials.

There are many ways for you to get involved in expanding the use of clean transportation technologies in North Carolina, whether you area fleet manager, local government official, business owner, educator, or concerned citizen.

Clean Transportation Staff

Matt Abele

Clean Transportation Specialist
Phone: 919-515-1911
Email: mrabele@ncsu.edu

Andrea Bachrach

Clean Transportation Specialist
Phone: 919-515-5693
Email: andrea_bachrach@ncsu.edu

Heather Brutz

Clean Transportation Specialist
Phone: 919-515-0277
Email: hmbrutz@ncsu.edu

Richard Sapienza

Clean Transportation Specialist
Phone: 919-515-2788
Email: resapien@ncsu.edu

Anne Tazewell

Clean Transportation Program Manager
Phone: 919-513-7831
Email: anne_tazewell@ncsu.edu

Michael Terreri

Clean Transportation Specialist
Phone: 919-515-6366
Email: mjterrer@ncsu.edu