4th Clean Cities Coalitions

To support regional economic development opportunities, diversify fuel supplies and create a healthier environment, transportation solutions are addressed at a local and regional level. The NC Clean Energy Technology Center is organizing a fourth coalition to serve areas not currently represented by the existing three North Carolina Clean Cities Coalitions. Visit our meetings page [link to cleantransportation/meetings] to learn about upcoming opportunities to get involved. Fleet managers, fuel and technology providers, environmental groups, non-profit organizations, and concerned individuals are encouraged to participate in quarterly working group meetings to share ideas, develop a plan, network, and investigate issues and opportunities to expand clean transportation technologies. Clean Cities Coalition partners benefit from emission reducing transportation strategies, gain assistance with evaluating their transportation footprint, and create connections to alternative fuel and technology vendors in North Carolina.


There are two major steps to forming a Clean Cities Coalition:

1. Complete a Fleet/Vehicle Survey which gives the group of partners a snapshot of current vehicle and fuel use, and

2. Develop a 5-year plan/strategy to reduce emissions.


Examples of some efforts that could come out of plan/strategy development:

  • Reduce fuel use and emissions through conservation policies and activities: idle reduction policy, car pooling, sizing vehicles, etc.
  • Diversify fuel sources by displacing petroleum with the use of biofuels, electricity, natural gas and/or propane.
  • Use advanced emission-reduction technologies: diesel retrofits, truck-stop electrification, and hybrids.
  • Develop organizational policies to ensure expanded use of alternative fuels and advanced transportation technologies to strengthen local economies and improve air quality.


To get involved, call (919) 513-7831, or email cleantransportation@ncsu.edu.

 Planning meeting for a 4th Clean Cities Coalition.

Planning meeting for a 4th Clean Cities Coalition.