Get Started

Find out more about how to get involved in advancing the use of alternative fuels and clean transportation technologies in North Carolina.

  • Biofuels availability. Learn how to promote the availability of biofuels in NC.


  • Clean Cities Coalitions (CCC). Join one of the three U.S. Department of Energy sponsored CCCs in North Carolina. They are open to public and private stakeholders and aimed at increasing the use of alt fuels and clean transportation technology to help reduce dependence on imported oil. Partnering with already established organizations like the Clean Cities Coalitions is a great way to see what’s already been accomplished, get in on existing projects, and influence the direction of future projects.  Be sure to check out the coalition meeting schedules from past events.



  • Listerv. You can subscribe to the NC Mobile CARE listserv by emailing and entering the following in the message body: subscribe ncmobilecare. The listserv allows you to post questions, share news items and announcements related to alternative fuel and advanced transportation technologies.