Alternative Fuel Implementation Toolkit

The Alternative Fuel Implementation Toolkit is a “How To Implement” guide for fleets, including sections on each alternative fuel, helpful decision-making tools, and North Carolina specific case studies. As components of the Toolkit are completed they will be posted below, with the entire Toolkit scheduled to be complete by summer 2014. Check back for updates or contact with questions.

In addition to incorporating alternative fuels, fleets should also consider the value of various conservation and efficiency methods, including eco-driving, fleet and vehicle “right-sizing”, and organization-level support for alternative commuting and transportation options (biking and walking, and transit).



Alternative Fuels Information Matrix

Fleet Profile Survey

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Cost Calculator

Alt Fuel Vehicle Bid Calendar

Alternative Fuel Users Database/Map


Biodiesel Chapter

Biodiesel Chapter (coming soon)

Biodiesel Case Study

Natural Gas (CNG)

Natural Gas Chapter

Natural Gas (CNG) Chapter

Natural Gas (CNG) Case Study

Natural Gas Installation Guide (coming soon)

Natural Gas Vehicle Technician Map

Electric Vehicles

Electric VehiclesElectric Vehicle Chapter

Electric Vehicle Case Study

Ethanol (E85)


Ethanol (E85) Chapter

Ethanol (E85) Case Study

Ethanol Station Guidelines (coming soon)

Propane (LPG)


Propane (LPG) Chapter (coming soon)

Propane (LPG) Case Study