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 Did you know?
  •  According to the U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, gas mileage decreases rapidly above 50 MPH. Assuming a gas price of $3.54 per gallon, every 5 MPH over 50 is like paying between 25 and 50 cents more per gallon at the pump, depending on vehicle. For example, driving a Toyota Camry at 75 MPH is like paying $5.19 per gallon.
  •  Air resistance increases with speed, therefore driving faster requires more fuel, regardless of vehicle type.


Become a NC Smart Fleet to increase efficiency and reduce emissions. Be recognized for your efforts!NCSmartFleet

NC Smart Fleet is an opportunity to join with other fleets across North Carolina to quantify, aggregate and celebrate all that NC fleets are doing for air quality and fuel efficiency. Annual fuel use and CO2 reductions are the primary metric for evaluation, while additional clean transportation activities provide opportunity to achieve the Champion level.

One easy Application Form can be used for annual enrollment!

NC Smart Fleet Benefits

Promotion: All participating fleets will be listed on and have opportunities to be featured in media releases, newsletters and fleet profiles.
Learning & Networking: Opportunities to exchange information with other Smart Fleet members and learn from experts and users about new technologies.
Vehicle Decals & Logo Use: Members will be given decals and/or signs to acknowledge Smart Fleet participation and annual Smart Fleet logo with designation level for use on websites and marketing materials.

Mobile CARE Awards: Annual recognition from N.C. Department of Transportation will be given to all participating fleets at the Mobile CARE Awards event.

Smart Fleet Designation Levels Table

Additional Activities Table

DOTlogoHiResNC Smart Fleet Initiative is supported in part through the Clean Fuels Advanced Technology project with funding from the NC Department of Transportation.

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