Photo of  Lyra  Rakusin
Lyra Rakusin
Workforce Development Specialist

Lyra Rakusin is a Workforce Development Specialist for the Center where she helps direct training workshops and other workforce development events.  Her previous work at the Center included developing and launching a series of renewable energy workshops and work on special projects. She has managed the outreach, communications and training programs of the Center, organized and provided support to Center special events, coordinated the efforts of the North Carolina Wind Working Group to produce a model wind ordinance, and helped to coordinate the members of the Landfill Gas to Energy Steering Committee. Prior to joining the Center, Lyra worked for the Alliance to Save Energy in Washington as an intern and then as their Development Associate. From 1997 to 2000, she dabbled as a food technology sales associate, an environmental law researcher and as head of a team of consultants doing environmental impact studies for land development projects of a former provincial governor in the Philippines. In 2000, she earned a M.S. in Environmental Science from American University. Lyra was one of the Philippines’s first few graduates of  a B.S. in Environmental Science at the Ateneo de Manila University, where she graduated with the Departmental Award in 1997. Phone: 919-513-7769 Email:

Photo of  Ashley  Rose
Ashley Rose
Engineering Extension Specialist

Ashley Rose joined the N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center’s Clean Energy Applications Group in 2010. She developed and maintained budgets for the Clean Energy Applications Group, and also assisted with deliverables expected from the Clean Energy Applications Group from their sponsors. Over time, her position has grown to assisting all the program areas with contract needs. In addition Ashley is the Office Manager and Human Resources Manager for the Center. Currently, Ashley’s primary role is Human Resources for the Center.  Ashley graduated with a B.S. in Agricultural Business Management from N.C. State University. Her coursework led to a strong background in economics and marketing. She also holds an undergraduate certification in Horticultural Science from N.C. State University. Before joining the Center, she worked with Wachovia and the North Carolina State Employee’s Credit Union.  Phone: 919-515-0351   Email:

Photo of  Michael  Ross
Michael Ross
Test Laboratory Manager

Michael manages the Center’s Testing Laboratory. The laboratory provides ISO 17025 accredited testing of solar thermal collectors (water heaters) for certification and rating by the Solar Ratings and Certification Company (SRCC). Michael holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from N.C. State University, and has worked for manufacturers Square D, Eaton Corporation, Caterpillar Inc., and Standard Motor Products as a manufacturing, product design and automation engineer before coming to the Center.  His experience with product development, machine design, testing, and data acquisition is particularly useful building and operating the test lab.  Phone: 919-513-0418 Email: