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Dorcas Creates Energy & Cash with Rooftop Solar Farm

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Cary, NC - Dorcas Ministries in Cary has a new solar rooftop. It generates energy, cash and claims to be the largest solar farm in Wake County.

Found Money

Large buildings are typically an energy drain – dark roofs require lots of energy to cool building interiors, and the size often contributes to water run-off issues.

By utilizing this often overlooked space to house solar panels, Argand Energy and  Yes! Solar Solutions of Cary have unlocked a source of renewable energy for Dorcas Ministries.  Located on otherwise cost-consuming space, the farm generates an income for Dorcas.

Leasing Payments Provide Revenue Stream

Argand Energy owns and operates the 237 kilowatt solar array and pay Dorcas Ministries lease payments for using rooftop space. By leasing their roof, Dorcas Ministries has created a much needed revenue stream that will help fund their mission of providing crisis support for the people they serve throughout the community.

Argand’s Director of Sales, Rob Lease commented, “Argand, in partnership with Yes! Solar, is proud to be part of furthering Dorcas Ministries outreach programs by providing a valuable revenue stream and an educational opportunity while leveraging solar energy to build a sustainable community.”

More Self-Reliant

Howard Manning, Executive Director of Dorcas Ministries spoke about the benefits of the partnership for the Cary community. “Our partnership with Yes! Solar Solutions and Argrand Energy Solutions is another excellent example of how all of us (for profit and non profit businesses) can collaborate to make our community the best place to live, work, and play.”

“Since our relocation to Cary Plaza,” Manning continued,  ”one of our priorities has been to help our clients break the cycle of financial crises by becoming more self reliant.  The income we receive from leasing our otherwise unusable roof space benefits Dorcas’s mission to create a circle of sustainability by providing the tools to help others become sustainable.”

Competing Companies, Working Together

Yes! Solar Solutions, located in Cary, installs photovoltilic solar panel systems, specializing in small business, homes,  and non-profits. President Stew Miller remarked, “Our business plan includes developing opportunities for non-profits to spread sustainability among all facets of the community.”


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Electric Vehicle Meeting Shows Community Preparedness across the State: Current Status and Next Steps

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Individuals interested in learning more about plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) and the current status of their community’s PEV readiness plans can learn more at the North Carolina PEV Taskforce mid-point meeting on Tuesday, June 19, 2012. The meeting will run from 11 am to 3 pm in the Paul J. Ciener Botanical Garden, 215 South Main Street, Kernersville, N.C.

“There are currently almost 1,000 PEVs traveling North Carolina’s roads, and that makes us even more excited about this upcoming meeting,” says Katie Drye, project manager, Electric Transportation, Advanced Energy. “It’s our mid-point meeting, so we’re hoping to see more development on our state roadmap for PEV readiness as well as the four community PEV readiness plans.”

Terry Komlos, manager, Zero Emissions Mobility, Nissan North America will deliver the keynote address. The meeting will also feature panel discussions on:


1.         Community PEV Readiness Plan Processes: Community leads from Asheville, Charlotte, Piedmont Triad, and the Triangle will share their share thoughts on barriers and successes they face while preparing community PEV readiness plans through the Mountains to Sea grant award.


2.         NC PEV Taskforce Working Groups Panel: The State PEV Taskforce working group chairs will answer questions and share their work for the state working groups. Taskforce Working Groups include: Vehicles, Infrastructure, Economic Development, Incentives, Education and Outreach, and Policy Codes and Standards.


3.         PEV Industry: The North Carolina Department of Commerce will lead a conversation with three North Carolina PEV industry representatives on the barriers and opportunities for establishing and growing a PEV related business in North Carolina.


Advanced Energy, sponsors of the NC PEV Taskforce, The meeting will be hosted by the North Carolina Department of Commerce, and Mountains to Sea Grant Partners, including Centralina Council of Governments, Triangle J Council of Governments, NC Solar Center, Land-of-Sky Regional Council, Piedmont Triad Regional Council, and Advanced Energy.  PEV industry leaders, state, regional and local government officials, universities and colleges, electric utilities, economic development organizations, environmental groups, non-profits and other interested parties are encouraged to attend this meeting. For more information on the event visit

The NC PEV Readiness Initiative: Plugging in from Mountains to Sea (M2S) planning project with funding provided by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities Program through Centralina Council of Governments. Partners include: Advanced Energy, Land?of?Sky Regional Council, NC Solar Center/NC State University, Piedmont Triad Regional Council, & Triangle J Council of Governments.